Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bring On The Rain!

I love when a rain storm comes up out of nowhere after a hot summer's day. Tonight's storm brought hail--crazy hail on a day where the thermometer read 92. The boys ran outside to scoop up the tiny chunks of ice and Laine put on her swimsuit to dance in the rain. Of course we only let them go a few steps from the door because we could hear the thunder in the distance, but I think it's these moments of freedom and spontaneity that attach to their memory. I remember dancing in those puddles as a girl and I loved it. Maybe that's why I still do...


  1. One of my favorite childhood memories is when my Mom and dad let us all go out in the rain and take a "shower" it was pouring and there was no thunder and lighting and there we are all outside in the backyard with shampoo bottles in the back yard!

  2. Thanks for sharing your memory! I smiled when you mentioned the shampoo bottles because my kids do that too; they grab any bottles they can find in the recycle bin. ;) Checked out your Blog too--good stuff!

  3. So true about these memories hanging on to you! I love the shampoo!