Saturday, July 2, 2011

40 plus 1

Tonight we celebrated my husband Mark's 41st birthday. There are many things I love about this man but the fact that he was truly happy to celebrate at home with a Carvel ice-cream cake and 3 shouting kids makes the top of the list. Mark genuinely enjoys his family and the simple things in life. He's one of those people who truly doesn't need anything; he's just happy. I was admiring him as he walked through the door this evening with no big plans to go out, no cocktails in sight, no extravagant gifts, etc. He had a huge smile on his face ready to enjoy his low-key celebration. I am not wired this way; it's something I have to work at so I have huge admiration for people who are. I think it's a special soul who doesn't need or want for more and who always shows gratitude. I don't even know if they realize how lucky they are? As we end this day; I feel blessed to have celebrated another birthday with this man who, completely unaware, teaches me how to live every single day.

Happy 41st babe...ES!!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Had no idea his birthday was so close to Audreys!!