Friday, July 15, 2011

Jade Spa

So last month I was driving home from Florida with the kids after a trip to visit Grandma. We were about half-way through our 8 hour drive when I noticed a billboard that read:


In parenthesis underneath the phone number, it read: (Truck parking available!)

Hmm. I am in the spa industry and billboard advertising is not at all familiar to me? 

So--me being me; I had to call. Here's how the conversation went..

Phone rings numerous times before a middle-aged, smoker's voice answers, "Hello."

"Um--yes excuse me, is this Jade Spa?"


"Oh great..I was wondering what spa services you provide."

"We do a massage."

Awkward pause.

"Okay--so just massage therapy services then?"


"Great, thanks." Hang Up.

Sooo..there is a billboard for a whorehouse on I-70 when there are state troopers sitting at every exit. Umm--what am I missing here? I'm pretty sure there is a "Jade Spa" at every exit; it doesn't matter where you are, you just call the number and get directions to the DoubleWide down the road. Nice!

The best part about this story is when I got home and relayed it to Mark. He said "So what--truckers need a massage; it gets tiring on the road."



  1. It does get tiring on the road babe. Where's the compassion? ;)

  2. This is too funny.. and kind of gross! "Truck parking available"... oh my