Saturday, July 9, 2011

"It's Georgia"

So yesterday I took my mom, my aunt and my cousin Kate into Athens to walk around the little shops. On the way there my cousin said to me, "how come I haven't shown up on your Blog yet?" I said "well you better straighten up and then and we'll see..." ;)

My cousin Kate is 7 years my junior but you wouldn't guess it because she's an old soul and much wiser than me. My mother took care of her when she was a toddler so my Aunt Cathie could go to school for her Masters. From my earliest memories I related to Kate as another member of our family..a baby sister. She was always there. I gave her baths in the kitchen sink, played endless hours of Barbies and often tucked her in at night on the pillow next to mine. I loved her intensely and felt protective of her always. Because of this early bond, it is truly difficult for me to think of Kate as a first cousin. She is my sister.

Without getting into private details; I can tell you that the last 2 years have been extremely difficult for Kate and her family. They lived in Chicago and we spoke on the phone daily, but I felt helpless as there appeared to be a black cloud over their heads that they could not get away from.

Kate came to visit and see our new home this past February. As we were driving home from the airport late that night, she was explaining to me that she had just finished a huge research project on where she learned all the details of our paternal roots. She said "our family comes from a place here in Georgia called Hog Mountain; have you ever heard of it?" I looked at her and said, "Katie--I live off of Hog Mountain Road!"

Our visit was great; we drove around to visit the spots she had researched, walked through old cemetaries, visited a beautiful church, etc. And as I was driving her back to the airport she said to me, "it really gives me hope to see you here so happy & peaceful and it makes me feel like if God did this for you then maybe he will do it for me too!" 4 months later Kate's husband got a job here in Georgia and they bought a house 2 miles down the road from us. 

Yesterday when Kate came over, I took one look at her and said, "wow--you look beautiful..seriously beautiful; your skin is glowing, your eyes are sparkling; did you get a really good night's sleep or something?" And she said, "nope--you know what it is? It's Georgia..I'm just prettier in Georgia." And you know what--she is!! 


  1. Had no idea Kate was your neighbor! I want to visit Georgia(:

  2. I have to comment again! She IS beautiful!

  3. Her beauty in Georgia comes from the fact she feels like she has finally come home. It's family, friendships and love. But Georgia or not she is drop dead gorgeous, with that perfect inner glow that shows in the eyes and is reflected in the spirit. She is smart and sings like a bird. For me the best part is knowing when I visit Annie I'll get to see Kate.

  4. NOTE: I updated the photo on this Blog because the previous photo was taken in North Carolina and therefore did not support my argument that she is in fact prettier IN Georgia! ;) -Annie

  5. Annie has the incredible ability to make everyone in her world feel prettier on the inside and out. When I came home from my first visit to GA (before I knew we were moving) people asked, "what did you do? You look so much better!" I just smiled and said, "It's Annie- she has that effect on people." Thanks, sis.