Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mi Homenaje

Today is my sister in law, Marcela's birthday and since she is the reason I started this Blog, I find it appropriate to pay her a tribute. :)

It was a big deal to me who my brother married. I knew if she and I didn't get along it could affect the family dynamics. Well, I completely lucked out in this department. Not only do we get along, I sincerely love and adore her. I can tell you that if she was not married to my brother and I met her on the street, I would befriend her. And I don't take that for granted because I think most people can't say the same about their in-laws. I am blessed!

Marcela is a beautiful woman inside and out. She has a striking natural beauty that could push an insecure woman away if they didn't take the time to get to know her and boy would that be their loss! I have enormous admiration for the woman she is and the life she has lived. Marcela was a young mother; she had Jeremiah when she was 18 years old. I can tell you with absolutely no exaggeration that Miah is a nicer, sweeter child than my 3 kids combined. He is courteous, thoughtful, polite, smart, well-mannered and just an amazing example of Marcela's love and dedication. I truly don't know how she did it because I know what an immature and selfish brat I was at 18! She didn't drop out of school; she graduated and went on to get her degree in Nursing. I didn't finish college and I have no good excuse for it--like raising a child. She just amazes me! Marcela had another child, Audrey with my brother 3 years ago and together with Miah they make a beautiful family. You know that expression--"she makes me want to be a better man." I can actually see that in my brother; she has made him a better person. They compliment eachother so well and they support one another. I'm so happy he has her and she has him. Marcela works hard as a nurse on the night-shift but still manages to do all the mom-stuff and to do it well! She is very hands on, environmentally conscious, and organic and natural all the way down to cloth diapers! She ran a full marathon last year, has a "Culture Mami" Blog with a huge following and she works hard to make sure her children are bi-lingual. She is very smart, funny, down to earth, and easy to be around. My brother did a GREAT job picking her, but then again he is very smart too. I love you Marci; happy birthday!!

P.S. Today is Jeremiah's birthday too--how special is that?! Happy Birthday Miah!


  1. Oh my! Thank you so much! I feel so honored! I love you too! Seriously this is such a lovely present to give to me (and yes I love my tangible gifts you sent also) ( :

    I admire you also and truly feel blessed for having you in my life! I wish we all lived closer and we could take the kids out together or go over each others homes...
    I love that you are blogging now because it seems we can stay connected this way by reading and seeing pictures of each other frequently!