Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Golden-Eyed Boy Turns Eight!

We celebrated Will's 8th birthday this weekend with a Taekwondo party. He broke a board, got to show off some skills and had his birthday cake cut with a real Samurai Sword. It was a happy day.

Will makes me happy. He is a free spirit, easy to please and thoughtful. He is sometimes overlooked as the middle child but not one to ever complain about it. He is a snuggle-bunny, very funny and very bright. Today he layed in bed with me watching the movie Twilight. I convinced him to watch it with me because it's about "vampires" and because these vampires have golden eyes like him. I figured he would get completely bored by the love-story and abandon me, but he stayed right by my side the entire time. We were at the scene where Edward has Bella pressed up against a rock but doesn't kiss her, and I said to Will, "You have NO idea how hard that is for him--he wants to kiss her SO badly but he's a vampire and he has to maintain control at all times!" Will looks at me and says, "I get it mama--it's like asking a cat to kiss a mouse." He's so smart!

1 comment:

  1. What a cool party idea!

    The cat and mouse thing... I love that!

    Happy Birthday Will!!!