Sunday, July 10, 2011

The House of Shaws

You know how when you're a teenager, there's usually that one cool mom that everybody loves and you prefer to hang out at that friend's house? Well for me that was my best friend Linda's mom, Miss Judy Shaw. I loved Judy like a second mom and I adored her husband Ron who has a heart of gold and would truly give you the shirt off his back! I loved being at their house and I loved being around their family. And it's not that I didn't have a great support system at home. I was just a typical teenager with hormones & low self esteem and Miss Judy had a way of making me believe in all the good stuff that she saw in me.

So here I am back in Georgia after 20 years of being gone, and I run into Miss Judy & Mr. Ron at Linda's house. And Miss Judy says to me, "I want you to come visit our home in McDonough and spend the night and go to church with us one day." And I said, "I will." And so I did..

When you hear the story of how Ron & Judy Shaw came to purchase this old house, built in 1881, and in the worst shape possible, you realize that they had to have had tremendous patience, love and determination. They have been working on it bit by bit since 1994 and it is a vision of charm and beauty! In my opinion it is a historic landmark of McDonough and could easily serve as a Bed & Breakfast. Ron is an extremely talented carpenter and can truly make anything down to the adorable "Bayou Shack" in the backyard that Miss Judy requested for her grandkids. Judy is a very talented decorator with a touch for cottage chic and it was truly hard for me to select photos for this Blog because there was so much to see!!

I brought Laine with me on this trip and Miss Judy set up a little tea-party for her complete with mini frosted cupcakes and 20 strands of pearls. Laine quickly adopted the names "Nanny and Poppy" and made herself right at home. She had the best bubble bath of her life in Nanny's giant bathtub and she loved playing with their cat, Leo.

This morning we visited their amazing church, "Momentum" and I loved it! It reminded me a lot of our church in Athens and I felt very much at home and comfortable. Seth was the speaker today and he did a really great job!

I loved my visit through and through and I know I'll be back. Last night before I went to bed, Ron was telling me a story about how during renovation he found an old book up in the attic. He turned to the first chapter and it read "I Set Off Upon My Journey To The House Of Shaws." Now tell me that's not a Godwink!!!


  1. Wow, the home is wonderful and Judy and Ron look great. I'm so happy you and Laine went. What a lovely experience for both of you.

  2. I know I would love thus house...I'm loving all the Georgia stories and how good you are feeling living there.