Monday, August 15, 2011

All Filled Up

Oh my goodness I have MISSED's been 7 days!! Kate and the girls are staying with us until they get into their house next month. It's busy around here & loud with 5 kids but it's wonderful too. This weekend Kate's parents (my Aunt Cathie & Uncle Tom) came into town along with her younger brother (my cousin, Fletcher.) They came to celebrate Savannah & Lilah's August birthdays. Everyone stayed here and I LOVED it!! At night when everyone had gone to bed I would lie there thinking about every bedroom in my house being filled with people that I love and I would be filled with joy. It felt like Christmas! We had big crowded meals around the dining room table; I washed lots of towels and the coffee pot was always on. I would be cooking in the kitchen and listening to my Uncle Tom's laugh (which is identical to my fathers) in the next room and I just felt happy from my head to my toes! It's been a long time since I felt so filled-up like! My father died 5 years ago, but before that we would all gather at my parent's beach-house for holidays. My mom would cook big wonderful meals and there was always lots of noise and laughter. I miss those times! Things change as we grow older and you have to make new traditions, but this weekend was a great reminder of happy family times. I'm so grateful! This is a photo of my Uncle Tom and I at the Varsity in Athens. My father and him grew up eating at the Varsity restaurant in Atlanta and it's a family favorite. :)

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