Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Bone

Jake and Will walked in the door from school about 30 minutes ago. I was in the kitchen grabbing some snacks before we started homework and Jake came up to me, backpack still on, leaned into my chest and started crying. I said, "What's wrong?" And he said, "I took my watch off today and someone stole it." I said, "Did you tell your teacher?" And he said, "Ya, but she couldn't find it." So..I held him for a while and said "don't worry--we'll get another one" and then I pointed out the valuable lesson to not bring personal/valuable items to school. As soon as he stepped away from me, Laine was waiting to give him a big hug and she said, "don't cry Jake." Then...Will came running down the stairs with a 50 dollar bill that he had pulled out of his piggy bank and said, "Here Jake--take this and buy a new one." I totally started crying--couldn't help it.

Every once in a while on this difficult journey of parenthood, God throws you a bone to let you know you're not doing too bad. Thanks God..I needed that!


  1. I started crying too. What a lovely ending to Jake's sad event. I'm so proud if all of them.

  2. oh, that is perfect. I love when those moments happen!!! Very special!