Monday, August 15, 2011


I LOVE my Church! And that is truly an understatement. My kids love our church; my husband loves our church. We have never been in a position to say this before, so it feels amazing!! Recently our church presented opportunities where you could volunteer your time, should you feel moved to do so. Both Mark and I selected areas where we could serve. He is on the Host Team and I am working with high school students in a program called "Inside Out." I can not say enough about this program and what it's doing for these kids. I wish I had it when I was a teenager! Right now they are doing a series on your "Entourage". The message applies to both kids and adults and it's a great one. Simply put: "What and who you listen to will influence what you do." That's a powerful statement and it's so true! I have been listening to our Youth Pastor these last 2 weeks explain to these kids that you ARE defined by your friends. When you are in an alliance with someone, they gain leverage in your life. When you are in an alliance with someone, their words weigh more. The bible tells us to choose Wise Friends and to “Stay away from a foolish man, for you will not find knowledge on his lips.” I am SO excited that my kids will have this support as they enter those difficult teenage years. Our pastor Andy Stanley is doing the same program for adults on Sunday mornings and it's been really powerful. He left us with some questions to consider this week:

Who are you listening to?

Who do you need to quit listening to?

Who should you be listening to?

What do you not want to hear, but need to?

He also said "chances are the person we least want to hear from is the person we need to hear from the most." I think we can all relate to that. What and who you listen to will influence what you do! I have been talking to my kids about this all week because it's never too early to plant this seed!


  1. I believe you summed that up better than the preacher. But then again I'm into short and to the point :)

    I'm now following you by the way, be afraid!

  2. Hey Fletch!! I'm SO excited you're following me! Yay! Come back and visit soon. xoxo

  3. These are great questions for me to think about...thanks