Tuesday, August 30, 2011

God's Country

Mark and I recently visited one of our favorite places in the world, and what we affectionately refer to as God's Country...Colorado. And even though I know how beautiful it is; it still manages to take my breath away when I see those snow topped Rocky Mountains set against a clear blue sky.

Our first home together was on the Front Range in Longmont, Colorado back in 1995. (That is where I met my best friend Allie who was our next door neighbor at the time.) We spent countless weekends in Rocky Mountain National Park; walking the shops of Estes Park, hiking the beautiful trails and taking hundreds of photos. I am proud to say that we never took it for granted. We truly lived in the moment and took full advantage of our short time there. Mark's job took us to Kansas City next but we would return to the Northwest corner of Colorado in 1997 for a 2 1/2 year project. We bought a little house in Hayden which is about 25 minutes West of Steamboat Springs. This was a very different experience from living on the Front Range; much more rustic and secluded. The winters were long and we were 3 hours from a major city. It was hard for me, but Mark loved it. Most of the people I met in Steamboat Springs had moved there to "get away from all the red tape and live the simple life." I wasn't mature enough and hadn't had enough life experience at 26 to appreciate that. I believe if I were to go back now, I would fully embrace it.

On this recent trip back, I was reminded of the things that make Colorado so special and why I love it so much. For one..everyone's healthier out there. It's a very active community with tons of runners, climbers, hikers, bikers, fly-fishermen, etc. Secondly, everyone has a dog riding shotgun in their car. Third, People are just more layed back--nobody's in a rush. It's just an amazing and beautiful place and if you haven't had a chance to visit--GO!

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  1. It sounds awesome! It gets so busy here sometimes.... somedays I wish we could just get up and move to somewhere where everyone was much more calm all the time.