Monday, August 8, 2011

Here we go..

Here is an update on the Jake subject related to ADHD medication which I have been putting off and putting off. :( And I have been getting pressure over the last few weeks to re-start medication from both his Pediatrician and his father. I can see their point--they don't want me to wait to start meds on the first day of school because it takes time for his body to adjust and they don't want him to start school on no medication and get a bad reputation from the start. The problem is that in my heart I don't want to do it--at all. I gave him one of his lower-dose pills on Sunday just to see how it went. The anxiety which I haven't seen all summer immediately returned. Jake walked around the house with nervous energy unable to just sit and relax with me on the couch. He was more irritable and especially impatient with his younger brother. There was ofcourse no appetite at lunch and the worst part was that he stood over my bed at 1:30am telling me he couldn't fall asleep. I HATE this medication--hate it!!! So today I took Jake in to see his Therapist (a child Psychiatrist) and she was amazed at the growth this summer off meds..18 and a quarter pounds in weight and over an inch in height. There is no question that his body has flourished and he is healthier! We had a good talk and Jake was able to express his feelings as well. He doesn't want to go back on medication because he doesn't like the way it makes him feel. Ofcourse while he was telling her this, he was flipping over every pillow on her couch, kicking his legs, and totally unable to sit still. Uggh!'s where we're at--a compromise if you will. There are 3 medications on the market that are "non-stimulants" used to treat ADHD. Their effectiveness is questionable and it truly depends on the child. The thing about these medications is that they take time to build up in your system before they start working--like 6 weeks. So..what we do is put him on a low-dose stimulant along with the non-stimulant for 6 weeks then we pull him off the stimulant and see what happens. Prayers are needed! I am okay with this choice because the dose of stimulant she prescribed is 1/2 the dosage he was on in 4th grade. Plus--he's gained a lot of weight so his body should be able to handle it better. We will start this new routine tomorrow. I think the important thing is that Jake is aware of the plan and feels like he's a part of it. Tomorrow we go up to school to meet his 5th grade teacher and drop off school supplies and Wednesday he starts school! Here we go...


  1. thinking of you guys! and sending prayers that this is the best for Jake. have faith in your decisions, you are his mom and are only looking for what's best for him.

  2. You have been his protector since age three when you first noticed a problem. Your doing a great job. Trust your instincts.

  3. i found the right pill at thr age of 48. For all that i am not without it I am even more with it. wish i fiund it 30 yeaars earlier. - cb