Saturday, August 6, 2011

Patience & Supplies

I took the boys shopping tonight for school supplies. Nothing like waiting til the last starts in 3 days. It became very apparent for the first time that we live in a college town. 30,000 students have just rolled in to attend UGA and our little town is now filled with traffic, no parking spots and shopping cart jams. We went straight to Office Depot because I didn't want to mess around with finding Pink Pearl erasers and 3 prong folders, etc. I let the boys search for their stuff and cross out their lists and pick the exact colors and styles they wanted. It required patience for sure and I thought about how many times my mom took on this tedious task over the years. (Thanks mom.) The boys are getting older and their lists are longer and more elaborate. $157.96 was the bill for 2 boys--crazy! When we got home we labeled all their stuff, sharpened pencils and filled back-packs. I am excited for them to begin a new year but sad about the quiet that will soon fill this house. I think I've hugged them both at least 10 times today and they know I will miss them. And I think that's a good leave the house and know you will be missed; it means your presence is important. The best thing about my dad was that he always made me feel like the most important person in the room. My goal in life is to convey the same message to my kids. If I make 100 other mistakes; I just want to get that one right!


  1. You do a million things right every day! I have watched you all summer and I think it's safe to say that you are practicing for sainthood in the patience department.

  2. Wow! That IS a huge bill! I am not looking forward to school shopping with Jeremiah. Thank God his list is small! I think we will skip a lot of new stuff and really go through what he has now.
    This is the first year that Jeremiah will wear regular clothes (he has always worn uniforms) so I'm scared about all the new clothes we will have to buy.'s something that I struggle and really have to work hard at daily.