Thursday, September 22, 2011


I had this little moment with Jake on the way to school today. I knew I was going to Blog about it and I figured I would call it a "God-Wink" but that didn't feel like the right expression. So I thought about it for a while and came up with a perfectly fitting term..."Love-Burst". A Love-Burst happens in those moments when you are so overwhelmed with pride and love for your child that it feels like your heart bursts open and all that love leaps out and circles around your child in an invisible hug that somehow they feel by the smile on your face or the tears in your eyes. So..I had a "Love-Burst" with Jake today. Here's how our conversation went...
Jake: "My friend Eduardo only has 4 fingers."
Me: "Hmm. Was he born that way or did he have an accident?"
Jake: "He was born that way."
Me: "Well then he is extra special because God chose to make him exactly like that."
Silent Pause for a moment..
Me: "Did you ask him about it Jake?"
Jake: "Ya; we were at recess and I noticed it for the first time cause I think he hides it.  I said--I didn't know you had 4 fingers? And he said, Ya--I was born that way."
Me: "And what did you say?"
Jake: "I said, You're SO lucky--I wish I had 4 fingers!"
A huge smile came over my face that I could not hide. Jake looked up and saw it, then responded with his humble, bashful smile and went back to looking out his window. Thank you God for mornings like this!


  1. So sweet, and do touching. I know the feeling your trying to describe.

  2. Everything about this: perfect. Jake inspires me to be better.