Monday, September 12, 2011

My Sunshine

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about tonight but the happiest part of my day was Miss Laine, so I think I'll go that route... Laine is in Pre-School now. She goes 5 days a week from 8:30 to 12:30 and she loves it. They have a very convenient drive-through drop off/pick up procedure at her school and we have our routine down now. Each morning she is ready to go with her little backpack and her lunch and either Miss Donna or Miss Sherri (who Laine calls Miss Cherry) opens her car door, unbuckles her and takes her in. But the pick-up...oh I have to describe her pick-up. I usually pull into a line of cars and I have a little pink sign that hangs from my mirror with Laine's name on it so they see me coming and she's ready to go. When it's my turn and I pull up to get her, you would think it was Christmas morning. Seriously--I am not making this up. She has the biggest smile you've ever seen and she's bouncing up and down with excitement as she yells "Mama!" And it's contagious so I greet her with the same level of excitement as I yell, "Lu-Lu!" It makes my entire day..the joy is so overwhelming! I cannot believe how excited she is to see me after being apart for the morning. It makes me feel so loved and so happy and just all filled up. She is such a ray of sunshine! Laine had been having an issue with potty accidents at school that seems to have subsided, so I've been making a BIG deal over dry pants when I pick her up. Today when I saw her dry pants I told her I was going to take her to the salon to have her nails & toes painted. She was THRILLED! We went to the salon where she picked out a bright pink polish and she sat in the chair like a big girl while the lady painted her nails. A few minutes later, an older woman walked into the salon. She walked past Laine's chair and stopped abruptly, bent down, looked into Laine's eyes and said, "Oh my--you are beautiful." She commented on her big brown eyes and her long eyelashes and then she was running her hands through Laine's hair and asking me if I had put highlights in it. (Ofcourse not--it's natural.) She told me that Laine needed to be modeling and I smiled. Every parent thinks their child is beautiful and the idea of modeling is glamorous and exciting but not something I'm passionate enough to pursue. It's enough that she's beautiful to her family and it's flattering and sweet when a stranger notices too. Laine came home showing off her pink nails and toes to her big brothers who were sweet enough to make a fuss over how "fancy" they were. And I thought to myself, I hope she always feels this good about herself. I hope she's always comfortable in her own skin and she always feels beautiful from the inside out. And mostly--I hope that a trip to the salon to get her nails and toes painted pink is always enough to fill her up and make her feel happy and special.


  1. I loved reading this blog. It made me happy. Also reminded me if our many trips to Elizabeth Arden when you were three. xoxo

  2. The pick up routine, I love that. I love the "Laine" sign that hangs in your can, I love that she loves getting her nails done with mom and I really love how nice brothers are by complimenting.
    She is so beautiful.