Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Since I began Blogging this summer, I have come across several Blogs that I am now a huge fan of. I hear of them in different ways...some are mentioned on Podcasts that I listen to; some are labeled on the Blogger Forum as "Noteworthy Blogs" and some were all the buzz at "BlogHer 2011" which my sister in law Marcela was fortunate enough to attend. One Blog in particular that warms my heart is called "An Inch of Gray" by Anna Donaldson. Her Blog description reads as follows: 

"Possessor of roots perpetually in need of a touch up, Anna lives with her two delightfully imperfect children, a charmingly imperfect husband, and a disobedient dog. Her nest is feathered with found objects in need of love. She is a dabbler, skilled in no particular area, but she strives to do more good than harm and live a life of simple faith. Some days are better than others." 

I last read Anna's Blog on September 7th where she posted pics of her 2 beautiful children, Jack & Margaret in their uniforms ready for the first day of school. (I have attached their photo above.) 2 days later, I was reading another favorite Blog, "MotherHood in NYC" when I came across this entry by Marika: 

"I wanted to write about the very funny & maddening things that happened with me and the kids yesterday and husband's reaction. I’d even asked Peajaye to do a sketch for me. It was going to be fantastic. But then I got an email from a friend telling me the unbearable news that our friend Anna‘s beautiful son was tragically lost in the floods yesterday."

WHAT? NO. Not the same Anna? Not MY Anna--that couldn't be. I flipped back to "An Inch of Gray" and saw the portrait of Anna's 12 year old son, Jack with the words "Our Beloved Son." I wept. I just put my head down and wept. My heart hurts. I do not know Anna personally and I did not know Jack, but there is a powerful, deep connection among mothers. We have heartstrings connected to one another. I feel her pain and I cry for her. I have shared this story with 4 other friends who are also mothers and I noticed that they also instantly wept. It's an instinct among mothers--a shared compassion and grief for Anna. I don't know how to accept that this beautiful boy who was so full of life and ready to begin 7th grade on September 7th was carried away by the Floods on September 8th. Why? I am stronger in my Faith than I have ever been; I talk to God every day. But these are the things that MADDEN me!!!  My relationship with God is just that--a relationship. And that means we have our ups and downs. Right now I feel really mad at him and that's okay because I know he can handle it. I don't know why Anna had to lose her beautiful boy and I don't know why Margaret had to lose her big brother. And I don't know why life is so hard. I would like to ask that you pray for Anna's family. Visit her Blog if you feel so compelled. I know she can use every ounce of love and support right now.

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