Friday, September 9, 2011

Talent & Generosity!

Okay I have one more post that I need to do on my trip to Colorado. As I mentioned, we went out there to attend Charlie Bell's surprise 50th birthday party thrown by his wife and my best friend, Allie. Allie is an AMAZING event planner and that's putting it mildly. She has been doing this on the side for family & friends over the last several years and she's gotten REALLY good at it. It's time for her to go Pro! The can't even imagine the details she goes into. For Charlie's party she came up with the theme "Trophy Husband" and she even had a cartoon logo made up that looked exactly like Charlie. For her parties, she always designs these really clever, custom place mats. Charlie's place-mats had a fun "Charlie Trivia" on them. She also handed out sunglasses with Charlie's eyes superimposed on there and the following message attached: "Even the perfect trophy husband can't maintain eye contact at all times while wifey is rattling on about bad scoring on Dancing with the Stars! Solution: Put on these baby blues (courtesy of Mr. Bell) and blow her away with your sincere, complete and undivided attention. Major trophy husband points!!" How clever was that?! She had a beautiful tent set up outside with covered tables, giant balloons hanging down, lanterns, a stage set up with great performers, fabulous food, a gorgeous dessert table, servers, etc. There was nothing small about this party and there is nothing small about any party Allie throws. I have been pushing her for some time now to go professional and she shared with me recently that what she really wants to do is to put on Benefits for Children's Advocacy Groups, for Artists and for her Community. She wants this to be a non-profit thing but needs the start up funds to get rolling. I think it's amazing that her vision is to take her talents and help others in such a generous way...just another example of her huge heart! I am including some of my favorite photos from one of Allie's past events. Check out the giant tissue flowers she makes by hand. Incredible! If you live in the Colorado area and need an Event Planner--contact me and I'll give you Allie's info.

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