Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unconditional Love

My mom left the sweetest comment on my post about Laine yesterday. She said, "I loved reading this blog. It made me happy. Also reminded me of our many trips to Elizabeth Arden when you were three." I remember those trips to Elizabeth Arden too. We were living in Hong Kong at the time and my hair was so thin and weak--a result of my illness as an infant. She took me to that Elizabeth Arden salon downtown every week for PPT treatments which can only explain the thickness and durability of my hair today. ;) I have a great mom--the best. And I realize not everyone is fortunate enough to say that. I think when you are lucky enough to have a great mom, you have to give praise because it's due! The bulk of my growing up was here in Georgia. We lived in a beautiful, big house in Dunwoody and my mom cleaned it from top to bottom on a regular basis. It was always clean, always presentable…in my memories it was immaculate. I can remember always being proud to show a friend our home for the very first time. I remember coming into the kitchen early in the morning and I would find my mom there with a cup of coffee enjoying her first few minutes of the day with some quiet time. I can appreciate that now more than ever. I remember hot breakfasts in the morning. If we didn’t have time for that, my mom would insist on us eating a piece of toast with peanut butter for “brain food”. I remember shopping for new school clothes and Homecoming Dresses and picking out my new bedroom theme. My mom let me do 2 peach walls and 2 green walls because that's what I wanted at the time. I remember warm, healthy homecooked meals every night for supper. I remember my mom always being very fair. She always wanted us to be happy. I remember her doing so much, all of it really, alone. I don’t know how she did it, but my dad was traveling ALL the time. Her strength amazes me. I don’t think of my dad as being “absent” from our lives; I just remember him working very, very hard to maintain our lifestyle. My parents wanted to give us everything, and they did—regardless of the sacrifices they had to make along the way. They truly gave us the perfect childhood in the perfect neighborhood. My mom has continued to be that source of constant support and love--by far my biggest cheerleader over the years. And in my darkest hours, it has always been my mom who reminds me of all the goodness inside me. When I think of her, I think of the true definition of "unconditional love." I can only hope and pray that I make that same impression on my kids. I love you mama! xo


  1. Thank you for being such a wonderful human being and always making me so proud. I love you.

  2. She is special now, so I am sure she was special then. Sounds perfect from your stories, actually. Definitely a woman and a mother to look up to.

  3. I was so blessed and fortunate to be apart of that household in GA when I was little and whenever I bite into a Nilla wafer that she always had for snacks or eat a jelly bean that she used to teach me how to tie my shoes, a memory of unconditional love washes over me. She has always been a soft place to land for me and I treasure her!! XO