Monday, October 17, 2011

An A for the Day!

I am really good at beating myself up; the best!  I am for sure my own worst enemy and all those other expressions that go with that. I'm pretty sure I've always been this way but this "characteristic" went into super overdrive after I became a mother. And I know a lot of you can relate.  So..I was reflecting on how I handled a bad situation really well today and noticed that this was not as easy to share. Why is that? I have no problem telling my best friend when I've totally screwed up and feel like the worst mother ever, but when I make a good choice..I'm not as compelled to share. That's messed up, and I'm going to try to change it. For all the mistakes we make on this "no directions provided" journey of parenthood, there are plenty of things we do right every day. I'm going to share my good choice from today. We were having a dinner party tonight and I had worked hard on making a huge tray of white chicken lasagna. I doubled the recipe and chopped and diced, sent my mom back to the store for more ingredients, etc. It was finally done, cooked and resting beautifully on top of the stove. I went upstairs to put laundry away and 30 minutes later I heard some commotion downstairs. Mark yelled up to me and when I looked down at him from the top of the staircase; he said, "Bug ate the lasagna." (Bug is our 90 lb Black Lab.) I asked him if he was kidding and he said no. So..I went back into my son's room to finish hanging up clothes and that was that. No yelling--no freaking out--nothing. Jake came upstairs to apologize to me for letting the dog in and I said, "You don't need to apologize buddy--it's not your fault!" I ended up serving Stauffer's Lasagna to our guests and that was that. I am proud of how I handled it--grateful really. If I had lost my cool; I would be sitting here with regret at bedtime and I'm thankful I don't have to feel that way tonight. Trust me--there are plenty of days when I do lose it over the small stuff and I make plenty of mistakes. But I know I also do something right every day and I'm going to try focusing on that a little more. I think if we all did that; we would make our lives far less complicated!! 

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