Saturday, October 15, 2011

Footloose and Fake Joints!

What an awesome evening..just awesome!! Our neighbor Clay Chappell is an Actor. He plays a Councilperson in the new Footloose movie. So--he invited all the neighbors to attend his big premiere tonight. His good friend and fellow actor, Frank Hoyt Taylor plays Mr. Parker (the Librarian) and he was in town for the big premiere too. The movie was filmed here in Georgia and the owner of the Cotton Gin where the big dance scene was shot was in the theater as well. was just really special. I have never attended a movie on opening night with 2 of the actors sitting in front of me. Crazy! And the movie was good--like really good. I'm not just saying that to support my friend Clay either. I thought it might disappoint me because I loved the original so much, but they changed it up just enough that it felt like a new, exciting movie and the casting was so well done. I think Julianne Hough did a great job in her big screen debut, and I absolutely adored Miles Teller who plays "Willard". Clay & Morgan invited all of us back to their house afterwards to celebrate with southern fixings from The Big Easy..shrimp & grits, jambalaya, Poe-boys, etc. It was sooo good! The funniest part of the evening was my super witty friend Kara. I asked her if she would come with me to get our photo taken with Frank Hoyt Taylor because I didn't want to ask him alone and look like an idiot. So..she tells me she will do it, but she needs to do something first,  Now, to appreciate this story, you must know that Frank plays the Librarian in Footloose who catches Ren MacCormack with a Joint that's not his and chases him through the library. comes Kara around the corner with very real looking (fake) Joints that she has fashioned using toilet paper. I was laughing so hard--I was crying. And let me pause for a moment here and say how much I LOVE a witty person. I love the wit, adore it, admire it, want to be around it all the time, etc. In a million years, I would never think about rolling up fake Joints before approaching Frank. And he got a HUGE kick out of it too! (Check out the photo top, left.) The bottom photo is Kara and I with sweet Clay Chappell. So... I will end my post by telling you to go see the new Footloose movie because you will LOVE IT!!! And let me give some proper credit to the Actors I've mentioned. Clay Chappell has been in 11 movies; he has a part in "Savannah" coming out this spring and "Jayne Mansfield's Car" coming out in 2013. Mr. Frank Hoyt Taylor has been in 59 movies including Talladega Nights, Big Fish, Walk the Line and JuneBug. Both men are extremely talented in their craft with the bonus of being genuinely kind and very humble!

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