Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just Grateful

Just grateful today. Grateful that Fall is here. Grateful that Mark gets home tonight; he's been in CA on business all week and we've missed him. Grateful that Laine and I get to go to Maggie Valley this weekend to visit Grandma and Auntie Me and see their new house! Grateful that I took the kids to the Homecoming Parade at the highschool tonight and they got to catch the candy that was being thrown out by the cheerleaders, football players, Homecoming Court, etc. Grateful that we got to stay for the big bonfire afterwards too. Grateful that being up late means I'll get to see Mark when he walks through that door at midnight. Poor guy! Grateful that Will has graduation at Taekwondo tomorrow night which means he'll move up to the next belt. Grateful that Jake won his tennis match yesterday 6-0. Grateful that Laine is SO excited about her daddy coming home. So grateful for our small group at church and another awesome meeting with them last night. I woke up feeling pretty sad that Apple Founder Steve Jobs died, but I'm grateful for the profound text my brother Kip sent me about it. He said, "We lost a legend. Not many of those around. I'm sure Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Walt Disney were there to welcome him home." I couldn't agree more! Goodnight. xo -Annie


  1. I'm happy you recognize all you have to be grateful for. You are so fortunate to be blessed as you are and it makes me joyful that you know it.

  2. And I am grateful to be home!