Sunday, December 25, 2011


I am 40 years old today. We celebrated last night and each of my children made their own special birthday cake. It was wonderful. Leading up to this milestone birthday, I had been struggling with vanity..wrinkles, saggy body parts, sun spots, etc. I don't feel that way today. I feel lucky to be turning 40 because that means I'm still here. I had a friend who didn't get to see 40 and who doesn't get to watch her 3 children grow up. (Atleast not here on Earth.)  I am blessed. My mom is here. She is 75 years old and she gets to see me turn 40 and still make a big fuss over my birthday like she always has. My Auntie Me is here. She got to watch me blow out candles on my 40th birthday cake when she was standing by my high-chair all those years ago as a dug into the first one. My beautiful cousin Dawn Marie is here. I got to sit in my office and have coffee talk with her this morning. We shared life lessons and cried. She gets me; I get her. I feel so lucky to have her in my life; she has a pure heart. My cousin Joey is here. He is a strong, handsome and capable young man. We share life struggles together and I am happy to have him here--I feel supported. My husband stayed up until 1:30am putting together the world's fanciest doll house and he didn't even complain. I love him for that. He thinks I'm beautiful at 40 and has done a good job of reminding me. My children are happy..playing with new toys, loaded up with sugar, loud and busy. I have grown the strongest in my Faith over this last year which makes me appreciate today on a whole new level. I know what today is about--and it's not about me. :) Bless all of you on this beautiful Christmas day and remember your gratitude. I am GRATEFUL that you read my Blog; it means a lot to me. Thank you so much. xo -Annie                                                                                                            


  1. God blessed the broken road that got us where we are didn't he? I'm so glad you made peace w 40! 40 is. Beautiful, sexy, and most of all wise! You are all these things sis