Friday, December 16, 2011

The things we do..

On Wednesday of this week, Laine had her Christmas Musical at Preschool. I had her all dressed up looking so cute in a red & green plaid jumper with french braids in her hair. The only white turtleneck she owns is a onesie with snaps at the bottom so that's what she wore under her dress. Now, let me explain that since she was a baby, Laine has had the habit of rubbing her belly button in circles while drinking her milk. (I personally find this odd because my belly button is so sensitive and I don't want anyone touching it.) Anyway, Laine always drinks her milk on the drive to school and therefore it is imperative that she be able to "touch" her belly button. I did not consider this when dressing her that morning and we were in a rush. So..we are on the drive to school and Laine is flipping out and I mean flipping out over the fact that she cannot touch her belly. I kept telling her to just rub it through the shirt because it was a fairly thin material. No--that would not do! a stoplight, this crazy mama reached in the backseat with my mini swiss army scissors and cut a hole in that shirt. Yes I did. was instant relief for Miss Laine! The things we do as parents...geez!


  1. That is something that is so essentially "Laine". Everywhere I go I see things that make me think, "that is so Laine!" If I had an endless supply of money, your house would be packed full of odd bits that only she would love because I would buy them everywhere I go!

  2. And I know you would. I love you for saying that Kate because I know how much you love her. I know that you love all 3 of my kids as if they were your own. It's obvious and it's what makes you such a special Auntie and sister to me. I love you!!!