Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 Unique Souls!

It always amazes me that you can take 3 siblings from the same set of parents, the same gene pool, the same house with the same rules and get 3 completely unique and different personalities! This goes along with one of my favorite quotes, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." While selecting our Valentines for this year, the experience provided a perfect picture of my 3 very different and unique children that I would like to share.

Let's start with my middle, Mr. Will. He has a big personality and a very open heart. His crush is on a girl who plays softball and is "very athletic." It was important to him to choose a Valentine that reflected the things she loves. He was very excited to see this softball (really baseball) box of chocolates because he thinks she will love it.
He wrote a very sweet message in his card and then took the time to decorate the envelope with athletic symbols. Beyond that, there hasn't been much talk about it. The Valentine has been put away until his Class Party on the 14th and Will seems patient, confident and at ease.
As I was browsing the Valentine section at CVS, I saw an enormous, over-the-top teddy bear that Kate and I laughed about while considering how much Jake would DIE if I bought this for him to give his Valentine. Then Kate said, "but you know what--Willy would have no problem walking into school with that thing and 5 balloons attached!" It's so true. If his Valentine was into teddy bears, I have no doubt that he would do it. That's my Will.

Now let's discuss Miss Laine. She has a big crush on a boy in her Pre-School class that she discusses daily. (I will point out that her father hates this subject.) Laine was beyond excited about her pirate themed box of chocolates that says, "I Treasure You."
And she could not wait to get started on his card. She needed some help from mommy because she doesn't write yet but I transcribed word for word what she told me to say. She then drew a picture of herself with her Valentine and ofcourse--a pig in the background:
We have signed and sealed this card but every day Laine wants to take it out and decorate the envelope some more. There are always more colors to add and more stickers, etc. I think it is fair to say that she is slightly obsessed with this project and having a hard time waiting for the Valentine Party when she gets to deliver it. She asks me every day "how much longer til Valentines?" I have also noticed that when talking to me or anybody else, she refers to this boy as her "boyfriend," but when the subject comes up with daddy, he is always referred to as her "best friend." So smart--and a little scary. That's my Laine.

And finally my oldest, Jake. So serious, so tender-hearted, so private about his feelings and so fearful of any embarrassment. Jake has a crush--a true crush that he has had all year. She has NO idea! She is shy herself and also quite beautiful. She is the tallest girl in 5th grade which means she towers over Jake, and she has that awkwardness about her that you hear many models describe from their youth. She is tall, slender and a bit lanky as she hasn't yet grown into the gorgeous creature she will become. That confidence isn't there yet and I am fairly certain that she is completely unaware of any 5th grade boy that admires her. With that said, I have really encouraged Jake to give her something a little more special than what he's giving the rest of the class. I bought a very small, sweet and appropriate gift idea for him. It's a tiny heart shaped box of chocolates with a tiny and adorable teddy bear attached. I suggested that he write on his card, "Dear so and so, I think you are great. From Jake." That's it--nothing more. Seems innocent enough. Well..there are no photos attached because this Valentine still sits in it's bag on top of the fridge. He is agonizing over it. I can see that he really wants to do it, but he's so afraid. I even offered to have his teacher sneak it privately into her Valentine Box so that she doesn't see it until she gets home. But then he got all embarrassed about the idea of his teacher knowing. Ugh! It's hard. The thing is that I know if he does it, it will be a milestone for him and a big step towards confidence. I also know for sure that it will totally make her day as it would any 10 year old girl who learns she has an admirer. It doesn't even matter if she likes Jake back; the gesture itself will fill her with joy and that's a gift. I do not know what Jake will decide but the decision will be his. He knows where it is and he knows when he's supposed to bring his Valentine's into school. I pray for his confidence and I pray that he sees his own self-worth. That's my sweet Jake.

And I'll keep you posted on how the story ends...


  1. I loved this blog. You nailed the individual personalities perfectly. I love these kids soooo much.

  2. you are a great mama! You don't even know how great. But they will remember all the sweet things you did for them when they grow up and have families of their own.