Monday, January 16, 2012


The very first time we attended our church, there was a male singer on stage by the name of Rudy Vaughn that absolutely blew me away. His talent was remarkable. I was so excited to hear him the following Sunday, but he wasn't there. I soon learned that our church rotates it's musical talent because it's such a large group. I think it was a month or two later before I saw Rudy again. This time, I told Mark that I was going to walk up to him after the service and say, "hey--I'm not a talent agent or anything but I really think you have something here and it's nice of you to perform at our church and all but I think you need to think BIGGER!" Well, I didn't get that opportunity because I couldn't find him anywhere after the service. So..on our drive home that day, I decided to Google him. I quickly learned that Rudy Vaughn was part of the "Rudy Vaughn Band" out of Atlanta who had won the "Hard Rock Cafe Ambassadors of Rock" contest which secured them a spot at the "Hard Rock Calling Festival" in London performing along side Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Dave Matthews Band and The Killers. I ofcourse read this aloud to Mark who said, "Thank God--thank God you didn't say anything to him!!" LOL. So..I started following Rudy on Twitter, checking out his videos on YouTube and recently bought his new single "Yahweh" on iTunes. I'm a fan! Since that time, I have only seen Rudy perform at our church being the 2nd performance. I told Mark that I was absolutely going to find him after the service and get his autograph. Mark just shook his head and said, "please don't embarrass me." soon as the service was over, I headed up to the stage with my pen and paper. I saw Rudy for a moment but then he headed backstage with the band. Our sweet Pastor Sean Seay saw me standing there and asked if I needed anything. I said, "I was hoping to get Rudy's autograph." And he said, "Well let me go find him then." I stood waiting a few minutes nervously and then he appeared. Tall, handsome and truly humbled he said to me, "Are you serious?" I said, "YES I'm serious--I think you're amazing and I would be honored to have your autograph." I told him the funny story about how I was going to advise him to pursue a career in music after hearing him the first time and he got a chuckle out of that. He was so kind to spend several minutes talking with me and telling me about his career path since the big performance in London. His band which includes 2 of his best friends has a new name, "A-Town." This video completely captures Rudy's rise to success and is well worth the watch: When we were done talking, Rudy asked me where my family was and I told him that my husband was embarrassed by my whole autograph thing so he was waiting in the lobby with our 3 kids. So Rudy said, "Well let me walk you out then and meet them." HOW NICE IS THAT?? So, he walked me out and shook Mark's hand and played with Laine for a minute. He told us he would be back to perform at our church in late February and made me promise to say hello again. I promised! I am SO happy I put my fear of embarrassment aside and walked up there to meet him. It was worth it. And how refreshing to meet someone so talented who hasn't let success magnify his ego. He was authentic, grateful and humbled. I think Rudy Vaughn is an amazing artist, a kind human being and I encourage you to check out his music because you won't be disappointed! He has his own channel on YouTube: And A-Town's website is: My wish for you is that if you're ever in the company of someone you truly admire,  you too will take the chance to say hello. Life's too short to let those moments pass! :)


  1. Loved the video. It was awesome, I remember your telling me about him the first time you heard him sing at your church. I'm glad you met him and that he was so solid and sincere.

    1. He is so cute! Sorry, just had to add that. Thanks for introducing me to this artist! My favorite link that you sent me is the one with Rudy and his friends doing a spoof about all their facebook friends. It reminded me of something from Saturday Night Live.