Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Comedy & Triumph!!

Alright..here is the Georgia Marathon and Half-Marathon story with all it's comedy and triumph! Missy, Kate and I headed over to Atlanta on Saturday afternoon. I had purchased a new pair of Nike running pants that morning without trying them on first. (Stupid) We checked in our hotel at the CNN Omni Center and Missy suggested that I try them on for good measure. I did and I had what can only be described as a "camel toe." This is NOT a good thing. For those innocent folks who are unfamiliar with this term, let me give you the definition from Dictionary.com

Camel Toe: slang, "The visual effect created when a woman's trousers cling too tightly to the crotch, emphasizing the shape of the pudenda."

So you see..not a good thing!! We decided to head over to the Expo where we needed to pick up our race packets and I could purchase a pair of running shorts to wear over my tight running pants. As we walked through the Expo, I saw atleast 25 women including a very full figured woman wearing my exact Nike running pants with NO CAMEL TOE!! This was not good for the ego--at all. Kate & Missy tried to talk me down with kind explanations but I wasn't buying. Here is a picture of Missy and I at the Expo doing the Forrest Gump pose:
Next, we had a great birthday dinner for Missy at Ruth Chris Steak House and then headed back to the hotel to soak in the hot tub. The hot tub was crowded with 2 men and about 4-6 children. Missy and I climbed in first and as Kate was climbing in she decided to announce, "I'm pretty sure I got a Staph Infection from one of these." Now you have to understand that Missy is a Pediatrician and Internist and I could tell from the look on her face that this was not appropriate verbiage for the hot tub. This ofcourse threw me into a fit of giggles because nothing makes me laugh like the inappropriate! As SOON as Kate climbed in, the man sitting across the way said, "Excuse me--did you say you got a Staph Infection from one of these?" This made me laugh even harder and I was pretty much crying because I was laughing so hard at the awkwardness of the situation. Kate went on to explain that she had these boils all over her body but that it was YEARS ago, and it didn't matter what she said--it seemed to only make it worse. The man went on to say that he was a Nurse/Anesthetist and clearly had much expertise in the Staph Infection department. We finally moved on and he was sharing his job details which include doing a lot of Epidurals in Labor/Delivery. So..I piped up and said, "You know what--I had to be poked 3 different times before they could get that damn epidural in correctly with ALL THREE of my deliveries!" I figured he was going to explain that I had a curvature in my spine or something, but no--what he said was this: "You know--we find that happens a lot when we are working on a really heavy set patient." Okay at this point, Missy and Kate are crying laughing because they know how much I DONT need to be hearing this after my ego-deflated day. He quickly corrected himself realizing how it sounded but it didn't matter at that point. Another attempt at a subject change and we realized that both of these men were in town to run the 1/2 Marathon. Now, I was in a very naive, positive, and frankly upbeat mood regarding my race, regardless of my lack of training. So this man goes on to say, "Are you familiar with this course--it's BRUTAL! Hills--oh my God the hills..." Kate sees the smile on my face quickly diminishing and can do nothing but laugh. It was time to get out of the hot-tub!!

WE got up at 5am and headed downstairs for our power breakfast. Here's a picture of Missy and I just before the race:
We were grouped into 2 different Corrals ofcourse because she was running the full and I was only doing the 1/2 but I snuck into her Corral because we wanted to run together as long as we could. So..the guns fired and we took off with Kate cheering us on. Did I mention the adorable shirt Kate stayed up late making that night as Missy and I slept?
How sweet is that?! She was such a great cheerleader! Thank you Katie Bug!! So..Missy and I ran the first 7 miles together and it was great--really great. We ran through the beautiful, historic neighborhoods of downtown Atlanta and I kept saying to Missy, "What the hell was that guy talking about..what hills?" And Missy was very sweet to remain quiet and not tell me that they were all coming at the end!! At mile 7, we had to split apart and it was emotional. I was turning left to run 6.1 more and Missy was turning right to run 19.2 more. CRAZY!! I will tell you that those last 4.1 miles were brutal--truly difficult. It was such a mental challenge and I had to fight myself not to stop and walk constantly. I knew at mile 9 that I was not full marathon material and I was okay with that. I just had to re-evaluate my goals and tell myself that I ran my entire first 1/2 marathon in 2008, so if I could run this entire one, then I would be good. Running 2 half marathons can equal a whole in my world. As my brother put it, "No need to run a full--it should be fun, not misery!" Amen to that. So, I finished my race and saw Kate at the finish line. Then I grabbed some water, got my medal and was heading over to find Kate in the crowd when it occurred to me that I was going to faint. A very sweet woman took me to the Med-Tent which as any runner would tell you is humiliating! Now, I am proud to say that I did not require an IV! I just had to lay there for about 20 minutes, get my vitals checked and eat a banana, drink some gatorade, etc. I was fine. I finally found a very worried Kate and we met up with Missy's family to await our Marathon finisher. When Missy turned that corner--WOW--it's hard to describe the pride I felt in her:
SHE DID IT!! She ran 26.2 miles. She is amazing--a total bad ass! I could never do it. No way! My sister in law, Marcela ran a FULL marathon too. These people are amazing--they have strength and determination beyond imagination. When you see those 26.2 stickers on the backs of vehicles, you should really be in awe because you are looking at a super-human! I will always hold these people in the highest regard with tremendous respect for something I could only fight and bust my ass to do half of! I will close with this photo of Missy's family surrounding their Marathon Mama:


  1. Oh Annie -- how you undersell yourself -- you should mention that you ran this 1/2 marathon on the anniversary of your father's death and did it with minimal training AND ran the whole way, including those brutal hills!! We had a blast, laughed until our bellies hurt -- a weekend we will all remember and smile about forever!!

    Love you girl (and Katie bug too)


  2. I cant remember the last time I laughed until my face was sore! I loved how when we went to dinner the night before the race the kind old waiter said, "So are you ladies going to do a little jogging tomorrow?" Sure! Thanks for inviting me to be your cheerleader! I was so very proud!