Sunday, March 25, 2012

Perfectly Polished!

1st year of life.

10 years later..
I keep saying I'm going to create a section on my Blog titled "Only In the South," and this post would fit right in! When you enter the 5th grade in our county, you are ready to be "Perfectly Polished." (Also known as attending Etiquette School.) This happens after school every Monday in the cafeteria. The participants are to gain "grace, poise, pride and confidence that will help create a foundation for success." If you ask Jake to describe it, he will tell you that they learn a bunch of silly dances and how to tie a tie. He also calls it "Perfectly Punished." So..last night was their Spring Formal and an opportunity to showcase all those "silly dances" for us proud parents. Jake received a dance card with the opportunity to write 5 names on it. When I asked him what he wrote down, he said, "question-mark, question-mark, question-mark, question-mark, question-mark." He wasn't kidding. Laine spent the night with her cousins Lilah & Savannah and Will had a sleepover birthday party to attend. I was really excited about having an exclusive evening out with our oldest child when Jake told me he would rather "die than go to that dance." I was relating this story to my cousin Kate who said, "Well--if I were a 10 year old prepubescent boy, I'd feel the same way." (It's nice to have those reminders when you're the parent and you can only see things with a critical eye.) So--Mark and I got all dressed up and took Jake to the UGA Coliseum for his formal. He did great. It was crowded and there were tons of kids so it was hard to watch him dance up close, but he coasted right along remembering all of his steps. At the end, there was a special Mother & Son Shag to "How Sweet It Is" by Michael Buble. I do not know how to Shag and Jake asked me twice if I wanted to get off the dance floor. No way! I didn't care how stupid I looked, I wasn't giving up on our dance. Afterwards, we took Jake out to a nice dinner with 2 of his friends and their parents. He had a great time; we all did. And I was looking at my handsome boy across the table and thinking, "he is getting SO big!" Just a few weeks left of elementary school and then we have a middle-schooler on our hands. It's crazy--where does the time go? They tell you it will fly by and it does. His first year of life seemed to go by sooo slow and I remember wanting my colicky infant to be older. Now it's hard for me to remember that tiny baby boy. I am going to try to slow down, pay attention and live in the moment of these next 8 years while I still get to have him around because I know it will feel like a flash before I'm looking at him in his cap & gown. I love you Jake and I'm SO proud!!! -Mama

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  1. I loved this blog and am very proud of Jake too. He looked very handsome I. His jacket and tie. Did he tie it himself?