Saturday, April 21, 2012

Amateur Photographer!

My father was an amazing photographer--the best! He had a career with United Press International for 22 years and then went on to shoot family weddings, reunions and pretty much any important events throughout my childhood. My brother Kip carries the gene and is a very talented photographer! I love to shoot pics and am known to carry a camera at social events but have never considered myself to be "gifted" with the lense. My husband gave me a really nice camera for my 40th birthday and I have been somewhat intimidated by it. I got an A in my college Photography courses but that was 17 years ago and I have forgotten all the basics. Anyway, I took a chance today and took Miss Laine to the GA State Botanical Gardens to shoot her 4 year old portrait. It was frustrating at times and no doubt difficult with a toddler model, but we made it through. The best part was that I felt my father's presence as I started to really lean into what I was doing. I remembered his words, "you'll shoot a hundred pics and be lucky to get one or two golden ones." So--here are a few shots from my first ever portrait session:


  1. Laine looks beautiful. So happy for you that you are so excited about photography. I have to admit that those cameras scare me!! From a non photographer point of view I think the pictures came put great, I think a little work with color editing will make them all ready for hanging up!

  2. I loved your first effort. I know Dad would have been proud. I think both you and Kip got that gift from Dad, I'm proud of you both..

  3. Not taking away from your talent as a photographer....but with a beautiful angel as your could you miss? I hope I get a copy.....just saying

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