Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Chuckie" in our House

RESEMBLANCE? I think so...

So last night at 3:20am I wake up to a strange sound coming from outside which I assume is a Screech Owl? I try to fall back asleep but the sound is really disturbing me. Mark had fallen asleep upstairs reading books to Laine, so I go up there to get him because I always sleep better when he's next to me. When he walks in our room, I point out the sound and ask him if it's an Owl. He doesn't think it is, so he goes to look out our bathroom window which faces the backyard. A few minutes later, the sound is gone and Mark climbs back into bed and says nothing. Here's our exact conversation from there:

Me: "Well--what was it?"

Mark: "Just one of Laine's bath toys mumbling.."

Me: "Huh? She doesn't have any talking bath toys."

Mark: "Ya--that Ariel doll she got for her birthday."

Me: "Oh. Ya."

Mark: "She was making mumbling noises when I walked in there and then she said, 'Do you want to play?' and then she said 'Goodnight.'"

Me: "WHAT? She doesn't say that! She doesn't talk at all; she just hums a song."

Mark: "Are you calling me a liar?"

Me: "No, but I'm telling you she doesn't talk."

Mark: "I swear to God that's what she said."

I know my husband and he's not joking around. At this point I get out of bed and walk in the bathroom to examine the doll. I press her button and she says nothing. I shake her and she says nothing. I go to my computer to Google her in order to learn all her capabilities. I find a video on YouTube with a full demonstration of what she does. She hums when you dip her tail in water--THAT'S IT! No talking! Here is the video to make my point:

So now I am completely freaked out and unable to fall back asleep. I tell Mark my findings and he seems unphased.

Me: "I want you to take that doll to the dumpster first thing in the morning and I'm not kidding."

Mark: "She'll only find her way back here..."



  1. Jeremiah had a little talking robot awhile back. I would be home alone sometimes and that thing would start talking to me....

    Poor Ariel ( :

  2. Weird. Really kind of spooky unless he is pulling your leg which I wouldn't put past him.

  3. I told better watch out!! Three o'clock in the morning is supposed to be the witching hour! LOL. Ariel is too lovely to end up in the dumpster. Give her one more chance! Take out the batteries and if she's still talking at three AM, then girl, you really got problems!