Friday, May 25, 2012

Date Night..with an 11 year old.

Will was invited to a friend's house for a sleepover tonight and my 11 year old, Jake asked me if we could have a special night out--just the two of us. I ofcourse beamed "yes" because I know my days are numbered before it's no longer cool to hang with me. Daddy stayed home with Laine for a special "daddy/daughter night" although it's evident they went out by the McDonalds boxes in the trash. ;)

Jake wanted tacos, so we found a Mexican Restaurant that we'd never visited and it was awesome!! I was SO excited because they served the "real" mexican tacos that I only find at the Taco Truck in Pasadena. Yum! Next we headed to the theatre to see "The Avengers." It was really great; action packed with the added benefit of many good laughs. I started to grow a crush on "Captain America" but it quickly diminished when I realized how much he resembles my younger cousin, Fletcher. Inappropriate. Still--he is quite dashing. Jake asked me at the end who my favorite super-hero was but I really couldn't pick one; they were all pretty awesome!

I loved my one-on-one time with Jake and I'm grateful that he requested it. He is in such a "tween" stage right now. He wouldn't hold my hand in the parking lot but he held my hand during the entire film and snuggled up to me when he was cold. He told me to "Shhh" when I was whispering and embarrassing him, but he wanted me to wait right outside the men's bathroom for him--which I would have done anyway. I don't have any specific memories from 11, but I remember 12 and it was pretty awkward! God..please help my boy to always be comfortable in his own skin and to remember without a doubt that he can always talk to me!!

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  1. This is the type of thing that builds lasting memories. Im glad you did this with Jake. I hope you'll get a chance to do it with Will soon.