Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I promised you a cheery one...

Back in February, I Blogged about my goal to have 10,000 visitors to this site by my 1 year anniversary on June 4th. Guess what...I'm at 10,110 and I'm almost a month early. Yay!!! I can't tell you how great this feels. When I started this thing, I truly thought my readers would consist of only my inner-most circle, which is like 5 people--no joke. I had no idea how big and extensive the Blogging world is. This has been so great for me--healing, cathartic, peaceful, a great learning experience, etc. I mentioned that I will be at BlogHer in August and I can't wait. I promise to bring back some fancy skills. ;) I want to give gratitude to my sister in law Marcela who inspired me to start this Blog. I am a BIG believer in paying it forward and I encouraged my cousin Kate to start a Blog, which she did and it's great. Now she has to pay it forward by getting someone else to start a Blog. And so now I am speaking to all of you--my friends, my family, my readers who I haven't had the privilege of meeting: If you have ever thought about it for even one second (Deb) do it--start a Blog! It's easy and it's so fulfilling and you get back way more than you put in. And I am happy to help you get started-- so happy to help. You can email me at prennifive@gmail.com and I will walk you through it step by step.  I think Blogger is a great (free) site but I know there are many others. Life is too short and if you've considered it--I say go for it!! Thank you for reading, for caring, for commenting, for sharing the posts that move you, for emailing me personally when you're too shy for public comment. Thank you sweet Linda for referencing my Blog in your Blogging course--what an honor! This Blog continues to be a huge gift to me and I am grateful for it every single day--even when I don't Post! ;)
Blessings and Love,
AP x


  1. I LOVE reading your blog! You are so wonderful! Congrats on surpassing your goal! I am definitely thinking of starting my own blog. I have signed up for one, but I have yet to think of a name for it yet...hopefully it will come to me soon :)

    1. YES Heather--I think this is wonderful!!! You should totally do it. I SO wish I had started out when we were a beginner family with our first born. Think of all the memories I'd have logged and saved in books over the years. It's so worth the effort and like I said--you get so much more than you put in to it. It's such a gift really. I will be your first official member. Just let me know when you're up and running!! xoxo -Auntie

  2. I'm so happy you love blogging as much as I do. I love reading you... and since you have started blogging I feel a whole lot closer to you.

    Yes ... I say do it!