Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 2 - Maggie Valley, Part 1

Today began with a trip to our favorite breakfast spot, the "Nutmeg Bakery Cafe" which serves, without a doubt, the best homemade donut on this planet!! (I have Blogged about this before.) I made a pact with the kids that if they wake up and eat a big helping of fruit, then they can have a Nutmeg donut every morning that we're here! (Mommy is gonna get fat.)
Next we jumped in the car and drove up the mountain to visit "Oconaluftee Indian Village." Wow--I can not say enough about this experience. We spent our day with the Cherokee Indians who descend from those who hid in the hills, defying removal during the infamous Trail of Tears. What we did to these people, the "original" Americans was so unfair, so inhumane; it's a debt we can never repay. And I did not expect to to have such an emotional reaction to them, but they were so gracious, so kind and so peaceful. They were wonderful to my children!! I took a lot of photos so I will tell our story through captions:
These ladies are "finger weaving" beautiful designs.
This sweet (and tired) Indian lady is doing Beadwork.
"Pottery" is a favorite with my kids and they each got to design their own pot.
The original method of woodcarving.
I LOVED watching the ladies weave baskets; such an art form!! 
Weaponry: my boys both want Blowpipes now. 
The Indians would go to sweat out their sickness in this Sweathouse. Did you know that the Cherokees had a cure for every sickness and disease known until the introduction of small pox. That's fascinating!!

To be continued in Part 2...

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