Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 2 - Maggie Valley, Part 2

The story of our visit to Oconaluftee Indian Village continued...

The Council House where all the business of the village took place.

They designed these giant canoes by slowly and gradually burning logs into giant tree trunks. Fascinating; they were so resourceful!

This Indian played instruments and chanted for us at the Square Grounds.

I asked this beautiful Cherokee Indian for permission to take his photo because he seemed quite shy and I wanted to be respectful. I tried to give him a tip afterwards but he wouldn't take it.

This Indian is treating a wound with the stem of a leaf he pulled from the brush behind him. Not aloe..not sure what it is?

This sweet, sweet Indian who has visibly lived a hard life was truly wonderful to my children and we promised to always come back and visit when we're in town. Here are some more pics of him...

We left the Village, grabbed sandwiches and headed to the river for a picnic and some water play. The end to a perfect day!!


  1. It looks like a PERFECT day!

  2. So fun!! You are a brilliant photographer!! Way more fun than Ashville... I gotta get there sometime soon.

  3. You all are having too much fun!