Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 7 - Maggie Valley

No Donuts this morning; I know you're shocked. We had Frosted Mini Wheats for a change. Then we headed to Bryson City to catch a ride on the "Great Smokey Mountain Railroad." What an adventure! It was a 5 hour trip including a 1 hour layover at Nantahala Falls. As usual, I will share our adventure through pics:

Our Train

Ready for Departure

Notice Jake's smirk because he knows I'm taking his photo.

Yes my 4 year old is listening to her iPod Nano as we ride.

Willy getting his ticket punched just like "The Polar Express."

My beautiful mom. You'd never guess she's 76!!

The scenery was so magnificent; it was HARD to pick photos for this Blog.

Nice shot of our whole train.

What on earth are we looking at??

THIS pathetic Kayaker who couldn't make it up the stream and who flipped over at least 20 times as we watched. Another thing on my list to never do!!

It was an awesome day..a wonderful memory for the kids. Everyone is tuckered out and fast asleep. My turn! Night.

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