Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 8 - Maggie Valley

Nutmeg Cafe Donuts for breakfast...


Jake likes to lick the Bavarian Cream out of the donut. (I do too.)

Laine ate blueberries and played in Grandma's yard; she didn't want a donut.

Next we headed into Asheville to catch a movie. I took the boys to see "The Hunger Games" finally! And let me say that it was really cool to watch that movie in the city in which it was filmed!! We kept picking out mountains on the drive home saying..."Do you think that's the mountain-top where Gale & Katniss sat talking at the beginning of the film?" Or we would pick out forests and say, "Do you think that's the forest where Katniss hid in the arena?" It was just really neat! And we heard that they have "Hunger Game Tours" in Asheville now where they show you the actual spots where they filmed. The boys and I definitely want to come back and do that sometime. 

On our drive to to the movie, I called my best friend from college, Kari who lives just outside of Asheville and left her a message saying we were in the area and would love to see her. Keep in mind I have owed her a call back for 3 months now--no joke. And I gave her absolutely NO notice that we were coming, and yet there she was ready to meet us as soon as we got out of the theatre. I have Blogged about Kari before, but is that real friendship or what?! No grudges, no resentments--just real. We picked up right where we left off and greeted each other with huge bear hugs! I love that girl so much! We sat and talked and laughed a lot while our kids ran around a park playing together. It was awesome! My mom took this photo of our families:

L to R: Will, Jake, Me, Mike w/ Ellie on his shoulders, Kari, Griffin & Laine in front.

We didn't quite get enough of each other so tomorrow the kids and I are meeting them to hike "Moore Cove Falls." This will be the first hike for my children--exciting! I LOVE hiking; Mark and I did it all the time in Colorado and we miss it so much!! So, I bid you farewell as I am off to to rest up for our big hike. Night! 

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  1. How exciting! Love hikes! Jeremiah loved reading the Hunger Games series. He would love that trip!!!