Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 9 - Last Day in Maggie Valley

Mom made blueberry pancakes this morning with bacon and sausage. Yum! And honestly--a nice change from Donuts.

Then I loaded up my kids and headed into the Pisgah National Forest to find the trail where we would meet our friends to hike. I was nervous as my children have never hiked before. Worried about whining, complaining, I'm tired, I'm bored, etc. Boy did they prove me wrong! They were naturals. Some better than others, but overall an awesome experience! Again..our day in pics:

At the trail head for our first hike; Laine has a sassy face.

The hike up was well worth the view!!

Laine loved getting wet in the Falls.

Willy & Laine dancing in the rain!

Jake catching water..

Just a sweet shot of Willy.

Jake , Griffin & Will catching Salamanders.

Caught One!!

And I learned how BRAVE my baby girl is. She wanted to hike with me up to the top of the water falls which is a steep hike. She needed NO help; knew all the foot placement, which roots to grab, etc. No fear!!

And here she is at the TOP of the Falls looking down 100 feet..see those little people down there!

We left our hike, said goodbye to our friends and headed over to Sliding Rock to "watch" the crazy people sliding down. (Remember Betty White told me it was too cold.) Will suddenly announces, "I'm doing it." Just like that! Here he goes...

Brother & Sister look on from the observation deck...

And there he goes..Mr. Brave!

60 feet down and almost at the 7 foot FRIGID pool at the bottom..

And he goes under and I'm scared to death!!

But he resurfaces--thank GOD and I think he's in a bit of shock from the cold, but HE DID IT!!! My courageous boy!!

What a perfect end to our trip to Maggie Valley. It has been an unforgettable adventure every day! If you EVER get the chance to visit--you must!!


  1. What a great trip you guys had!!! Looks like so much fun!

  2. OMG!! Willy is so brave! Now that...I would NEVER do! What beautiful pictures. You need to seriously make a photo album of just this summer. Especially now that you have the amazing Nikon. Maggie Valley and Atlantic Beach will make a great album...especially since I'm counting on you to find the wild horses again. : )