Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Love

Mark bought himself a new grill for Father's Day so I needed to come up with a non-material, special gift from the kids. Once again, I turned to Pinterest! I swear you can find anything on that website. They had these adorable printable questionnaires which I had our babysitter Britt fill out with the kids. I felt like they would give a more spontaneous and honest response to a 3rd party, which they did. Hope you enjoy reading...

I love how Jake says daddy's hair is "black" because daddy has no hair. It's very true that Jake LOVES getting anything of Mark's as a hand-me-down; an old wallet, a keychain, anything that belonged to dad. I think it's so sentimental and sweet--very "Jake."

I love the honesty here that daddy's hair is "gone." He absolutely does NOT love to eat salad; I have to force veggies on him. Lol. I also love how Will says daddy would bring "Bug and Bob" to Pennsylvania. That's our 90 pound black lab and box turtle he's referring to and they do not travel with us--ever! My favorite answer is that daddy tells me "he loves me and always will." True.

Lol! I think Mark has called Laine "Sacagawea" 3 or 4 times in her life when she was wearing braids. And he does not like to wear ties--at all! I love how daddy would travel "to Grandma's house and bring his tie and stuffed animals." She cracks me up!

We celebrated today by driving over to "Bass Pro Shops" to walk around. The kids LOVED the aquarium there. Mark had fun in the play shooting range with the boys. We made hamburgers tonight on daddy's new grill and the kids presented him with their certificates. What are your plans for Father's Day? How will you celebrate and what are your kids gifting dad with? I wish you all a blessed holiday and to my dad in heaven...I miss you every single day!! -Annie


  1. I loved the cards and I'm sure Mark did too. The answers were so perfectly each child and it let's you know they feel loved. Happy Fathers Day to a truly wonderful guy!

  2. Your blogs always make me smile and tear up a bit. I miss my daddy too...always will.

  3. LOL! Those answers are great! I love that Laine chose to give her Daddy her most treasured thing in the world...milk. What would Laine's world be without it?! My kids said cute things like, "Daddy has pink eyes (Boris agreed that they are often bloodshot) and his favorite thing to do is play mouse trap." Clearly he does a good job of convincing them this! Happy Father's Day!