Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why Complicate Life?

So I have had a few conversations lately with friends who are going through tough times. One has lost touch with a mutual friend and feels sad about it. Another one has been left out of some social stuff. Another one got their feelings hurt by rude remarks made to her face. And I hate this stuff! Unfortunately it exists everywhere. I have worked HARD to cut all this crap out of my life and I am proud to say I lead a drama-free existence today. Yes--it is possible folks!! ;)

And because I have managed to do this--I struggle when friends come to me to vent and I don't have the perfect answer because I feel like I should! The best I can come up with is what seems to always work for me. When something is really irking me and I can't seem to shake it; I put myself in the following scenario. It's a little morbid, so hang with me. I pretend that I've just been diagnosed with cancer and I have 6 months to live. Then I ask myself, "would this issue be bothering me?" The answer is always NO! No--it wouldn't even be on my radar. The only things I would care about are Mark, my kids, my family, my relationship with God, whether or not I've made a positive impact in the world, etc. None of the trivial stuff would matter. And that means that in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter at all. Right? I also love the simple formula for life that I have posted above. If we all lived this way, it would be so simple--right?! 

Here's to living simply and letting go of the unimportant stuff...

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  1. I like this blog Annie. I think it will help a lot of people deal with the trivial stuff that seems so important but isn't. Loved the list.