Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A (small) Identity Crisis

Today was hectic. Got back from NY last night and knew that today would be filled with 3 open houses because school starts TOMORROW.  This is the first time my children will be attending 3 different schools and I can tell you already that I hate it. Pain in the ass!

So, we rush to our final open house for the day which is at the middle school Jake will be attending. He's nervous; I'm nervous. He has a locker now and an actual class schedule and his grades will be recorded on transcripts. Ugh! We meet his teachers, get the bus schedule and then rush to the Media Center to pick up his Powerschool Form. (Powerschool is a computer program that parents can log into to see their child's grades.)  I tell them Jake's name and they ask me for my  ID. I don't have my purse on me and it's not in the car either. (Stupid) So, I look at Jake and say "Am I your mom?" And he says "yes." The guy behind the counter isn't buying. He explains that it's school policy that I must show identiification to pick up my child's Powerschool Form. My sweet 9 year old Will is standing in the background listening to all this and wanting to help out in any way he can. All of a sudden he says, "Look mom; you've got your ID on your keychain!" I can't imagine what it could be, and THIS is what he lays out on the counter:

LOL!! All I could do was laugh. The man behind the counter laughed too. My little wooden keychain pocketknife got me the Powerschool form. Good job Willy! :)


  1. Ha Ha! Just don't let Jake take it to school, or he'll get kicked out!

  2. That's right girl--good point! Can you believe they accepted that as my identity?! LOL

  3. Gid bless Willie! He always comes up with something. Nice to have you back blogging. We missed you.

  4. I got a good chuckle out of this one...good job Willie!