Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Lots of Maids"

I swear I'm going to blog about Blog'Her this weekend. You have my word! It's just that these funny stories keep happening with my kids this week and when I sit down to write, that's what's on my mind.

So last night we were all hanging out in the family room and my 4 year old Laine was at the kitchen table coloring. I heard a few of her crayons drop to the floor and then she yelled out, "I dropped my crayons--I need a maid." I glanced over at Mark to make sure he had heard this and he was glancing back at me smiling. Then she yelled out, "Mama--we need lots of maids to do all the things we don't want to do." And I said, "I hear you Laine--that sounds good to me."

Not a minute later, I could hear her at the table praying, "Dear God, please give us lots of maids!" LOL

(For the record; we have no Maid. I am the Maid and I like the way Laine's brain works.) ;)


  1. I'm with Laine on this one but just one will do for me. I think she may turn put to be high maintenance. :))

  2. Hmmm....Laine? High maintenance? No!! All I'm saying is that between Lilah and Laine, we're gonna have a heap of trouble on our hands in a few years! Savannah will have to watch over them and keep them in line.: )