Saturday, September 8, 2012


NOTE: This post is about my friend Anna's son. I have written about him several times.

Today I will remember Jack.

I will wear blue because I don't have one of those blue ribbons for my car yet.

I will think of him every time I see or hear a bird.
I will talk to my kids about him.
I will focus on these amazing lessons he left behind as shared by his Auntie at his memorial service:
Be kind. Jack was a gentle, loving and kind soul.
Pay attention. To details, to other people’s feelings, to God’s work in my life and in the world.
Think. Quiet time is time well-spent. Jack asked good questions and took this time to think through good answers. He also knew that some questions would not be answered in this life, but that contemplation has value anyway.
Play. Be creative, experiment, think things through from every angle and share my gifts with the world. When I enjoy something, I want to enjoy it BIG. And play together. Throw a ball in the yard, even if the to-do list beckons. Snuggle and chat at bedtime, even if it is late.
Never give up. Focus on my call, my art, my joy, my task and see it through.
Be patient. Good things are worth waiting for.
Internalize the joy of others. I pray that God will help me learn to do what Jack did…. To find my own joy in the joy of others. I want to relish other people’s happiness regardless of my own circumstances, like Jack did. Jack was unimaginably selfless for a 12 year old. Jack found the secret to lasting joy. Borrow it from others and keep it forever.

God Bless You Anna, Tim and Margaret. I am with you today!! -Annie 


  1. It's so difficult to remember that our children are not really our children, but like all people they are children of God. He only gives them to us to raise. When you did the job as well as Anna did, God took him home early do he could be an inspiration to all of us. And he is. He lives in our hearts and minds and is a daily inspiration.

  2. The biggest inspiration comes in the smallest packages. Thank God for Jack. And I'm so glad you get to know his Mama.