Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We have a new member of our family and his name is George. George is a Daschund/Corgi mix that we found at the local animal shelter. He looks kind of funny--like his top doesn't match his bottom.  He is long and robust on top with short, stubby legs. Actually he looks a lot like "Donkey" from Shrek, just smaller. He has a sweet face with expressive eyebrows and he wags his tail constantly. George doesn't realize his size. He is only 30 pounds and can stand between our Labrador Retriever's legs, but he still attempts to dominate him. (So far--unsuccessful.) George goes to bed with the boys every night at 9:00. When I say "bedtime" he knows to run upstairs and rotate beds. (Tonight was Will's turn.) George knows how to play "Fetch" well. He brings the ball back and drops it at your feet every time. (Our Labrador Retriever doesn't even do that.) George is afraid of our pet box-turtles and that makes me laugh. He doesn't bark and I love that. He lets Laine put dress-up clothes on him and he never growls or gets impatient. George just "fits" with our family and it sort of feels like he's always been here. We picked a good one...or maybe he picked us! :)


  1. I'm glad he fits in so well. He needed a good home and your family needed a playful dog. Perfect for everyone.

  2. I can't wait to get to know George better. It is fitting that Freddy have a playmate named George. They can be the three Musketeers. Neither Fred or George realizes that Bug is like four times their size. You've got to love the confidence and swagger.