Monday, November 12, 2012

25 Things Nobody Knows About Me!

1. I won't mix my meats. A hamburger with bacon on top, a meat-lovers pizza--NO. You either eat a chicken OR a cow OR a pig OR a fish. You do not consume them all at one time! Gross!!

2. I HATE raisins. Cookies that look like chocolate chips but are actually raisins are the reason I have trust issues! 

3. I love the planet Jupiter--obsessed with it.

4. I am not a morning person.

5. I love the smell of dog's feet. It's a combination of Fritos and Buttered Popcorn.

6. I am weird about leftovers. If they've been in the fridge for more than 2 days, I toss them.

7. My 2 biggest fears are Prison and Rabies. (Both irrational fears--I know.)

8. I had the opportunity to meet River Phoenix before he died.

9. I want to visit Antarctica.

10. I love maps and globes.

11. I use Hand Sanitizer obsessively.

12. I like talk radio more than music.

13. I have become recently obsessed with Crows because they are incredibly smart.

14. I cannot leave town without cleaning my house first and putting every single piece of laundry away.

15. I cannot pack without first doing all the laundry and putting it away. Even if I know I'm bringing that shirt, I have to "put it away" first before I pack. I know--insane.

16. I hate high-heeled flip-flops.

17. I hate lipliner that doesn't match the lipstick color.

18. I hate cooking and I really want to love it.

19. I'm a terrible baker.

20. I'm a terrible Ironer.

21. Math is my least favorite subject.

22. I wish I had a pet Capybara and once tried to talk my husband into it.

23. Black Holes fascinate me.

24. I believe in Ghosts.

25. I never put any condiments on my sandwich. Dry bread every time!

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  1. One of my little boys loves dry bread too. Love your quirky list.