Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Be Careful What You Say..

I mentioned that I attended the Blog'Her conference in NYC this past August. It was amazing!! I attended a Grammar Clinic while I was there to help identify and avoid common grammatical errors. I got a lot out of it and I'm grateful I attended.

So..the teacher of that Clinic wrote an article about it and decided to quote me. I won't tell you what she  quoted because it's funnier if you read it for yourself. Check out the article here:


  1. Haha! If you remember, when you said that, I noted that I was so going to quote you. :) It was a pleasure having you in my clinic!

  2. I love it! Sounds like something you would say(:

  3. Okay, then I should be in federal prison!! I love the hell out of a semi colon! Lol.

  4. That was cute. I think my issue is too many commas. I think. I'm sure I have many issues I'm not even aware of, not least of which I recently learned that it's all of a sudden and not all of the sudden! ;-)

    Followed you on twitter!