Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Me smitten from a young age..

Last week my 9 year old, Will and I were driving home from christmas shopping together. It was late and the sky was dark. As we pulled into our subdivision I said something that made him laugh and I glanced over at him. The street-light illuminated his face and I caught an expression that reminded me SO much of my father. I said, "You look exactly like Grandpa when you do that." Willy said, "Does that make you happy?" I smiled and said, "Yes--my life was a lot happier when he was around." And my golden eyed boy said, "I know what you mean because I'm always happier when I'm around you." I put my car in park, grabbed his face and kissed his sweet cheeks. Love that boy!

Happy 81st birthday daddy. Can't believe you would have been 81 today because I can't even picture you that old. I know you wouldn't have looked it and you certainly wouldn't have acted it! ;) I miss you every single day. -A


  1. So lovely! Sending you love as you miss your dad today.

  2. Sending good thoughts for lots of sweet memories to fill your heart today!!!

  3. Happy birthday Uncle Frank! I heard a huge racket outside this morning. Tons of train whistles!! That's just like you to remind everyone at six am!
    I know he is so proud of you, Annie. Xoxo

  4. Christmas hugs to you, my friend. xoxo

  5. Such a beautiful tribute to your dad. What a way our children have of helping our hearts.