Thursday, January 24, 2013

Don't Leave The House On Wednesdays at 3:30pm!

Yesterday afternoon I was on the phone with my cousin Kate. Our conversation went like this:

Kate: Gosh I have just been feeling so ugly and bad about myself this afternoon and then it occurred to's Wednesday at 3:30pm.

Me: Huh?

Kate: The ugliest moment in every human being's life occurs on Wednesdays at 3:30pm.

Me: (Laughing) What are you talking about?

Kate: It's a scientific fact.

Me: Says who?

Kate: It was on The Today Show.

Me: That doesn't make any sense!

Kate: It's just past 3:30 now, go look in the mirror.

I submit to her ridiculous request and go take a peak. Oh my God--I looked like death warmed over. I am not kidding you; I am not pulling your leg; I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes. IT"S TRUE!!

Now I know my readers are laughing right now and thinking we're completely ridiculous so I'm going to prove our theory with 2 photo-comparisons:

First Example

This photo of me was taken on a Friday afternoon while visiting Laine at Preschool. I was wearing no makeup other than lipgloss and I'm pretty sure I hadn't showered that day:

Now this photo was taken yesterday, Wednesday at 3:32pm--same situation, no makeup. OMG!!!
Ya'll have to admit it was BRAVE for me to even post this on here. Lord!

Here goes the second example:

Here is my cousin Kate on that same Friday afternoon visiting Lilah at Preschool. She is wearing no makeup what so ever! Beautiful girl!

Now--this photo was taken yesterday, Wednesday at EXACTLY 3:30pm--same situation, no makeup.
This is not her finest moment.

I think we've proven our case!! Don't leave the house on Wednesdays at 3:30pm!!


For those of you who mocked my post yesterday (Charlie Bell) here's the science behind it. Who's laughing now?! ;)

(Fyi..the clip about Ugly Wednesdays starts 2 min and 32 sec into this video.)


  1. I'm so glad someone has brought this serious problem with Wednesdays at 3:30 to light. People all across America are leaving their houses looking like they got hit with the ugly stick and they don't even know it!! Friends don't let friends leave lookin' ugly!

  2. Okay, girl, you definitely proved your case!!!

  3. Ok, so to put this as nice as I can, and you know I love you and your blog and mostly how you look at the world but on this one " You are a idot"

    Love ya.

  4. Wait.....did I mention this is probably will make my list of the all time " Stupidest things I have every heard of" and probably will qualify you as a candidate for Jay Leno's Game show JayWalkers.