Monday, January 21, 2013


My Auntie Me who I wrote about here has Acute Myeloid Leukemia. I'm not going to write about that on here because she has a Caring Bridge Website which is updated daily and you can visit it here. And please do visit because she loves your encouraging comments and prayers--and it doesn't matter if you've never met. :)

Now, my Auntie loves my funny stories and therefore it shall be my goal to post only the funny stuff as she battles this disease. Laughter is medicine for the soul!

So, I was just in Tampa this past weekend visiting her in the hospital. She was sort of nodding in and out of sleep and I was working on my laptop in the chair next to her. A male nurse appeared at the door to check in on her. Now we had only seen female nurses up to this point so his presence sort of surprised my Aunt. He was asking her about her level of pain and I really wasn't paying attention to their conversation. My Aunt was a little loopy from her pain medication and she suddenly declared, "You're a handsome young man--you know that!" I glanced up to see him smile and then he said to me, "So on a scale of 1-10, what would you say?" Huh?! What?! I was appalled. I hesitated for a moment and then awkwardly replied, " 8." And then he wrote some stuff down and left the room. I immediately turned to my Aunt and said, "What a pompous ass!" She looked completely surprised by my comment and asked me why I would say such a thing. I said, "He needed to know an exact number on a scale of 1-10 of how good looking he was? I mean it wasn't enough to just receive the compliment." She started laughing so hard that she was choking and I had to get her a glass of water before she could speak. Apparently he had been asking her what her pain level was on a scale of 1-10 and being the tough and prideful soul that she is, she answered 4 or 5. (I knew this wasn't true because she was hurting really bad that day.) So since he didn't believe her, he decided to ask me for an honest answer. OMG!! I was so embarrassed. My aunt did not let me live it down and worse yet, every nurse that came into her room heard the story and it got back to HIM. I wouldn't even leave the room for a cup of coffee for fear of running into him. Mortified!


  1. That is hilarious! Thank you for sharing it here! BTW, you are a 10!!!!!!

  2. Wow. That is SO FUNNY!! I love that you actually answered him with a number. That's awesome!!

  3. I love it!!!! This is way too funny! Thanks for letting me start my morning with a laugh!!!

  4. Oh, sweet Annie, how I LOVE your funny stories!!!