Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Duck Dynasty

So I kept hearing about this show Duck Dynasty on A&E and I decided to check it out. I couldn't believe my eyes...those are my in-laws!! It's like they made a show about my Pennsylvania family and I LOVE it!  If you're already a fan of the show then you'll appreciate this Blog. In case you haven't seen it, I'll point out the similarities:

There are some unusual names on Duck Dynasty...Si, Mountain Man and Godwin to name a few. In my husband's family we have Guzzy, Chookie, Moo, Coonie, Popeye, Spider, Skeeter, Digger, Gug and Eppy. I'm not making those up.

The men of Duck Dynasty are known for long beards and camouflage. We've got that covered! The last time my husband saw his father without a beard was age 8. Here's proof:

Pappy and Mama Chook
Mark with his dad

On the show we've seen them eat some interesting stuff. For Thanksgiving, Miss Kay cooked a duck inside a chicken inside a turkey inside a pig. (I don't mix my meats so this would be my version of hell.) My first meal ever at Mark's grandma's house was an Italian favorite, Polenta. She rolled the Polenta out over the table and then poured spaghetti sauce on top. I took my first bite and started to panic because something tasted really strong and bitter. My husband leaned over and whispered that there was squirrel and rabbit in the sauce..maybe even grouse. Oh--and Mark's Uncle Carlo is known for eating baby black birds.

The Robertson family pokes at each other constantly all in the name of love. I remember my first Christmas I opened up a sweatshirt from Mark's mom that said "Brat" across the front. I looked over at Mark and he gave me a big smile and said, "You're in! They're making fun of you which means they love you!"

The men of Duck Dynasty are clear about their priorities--God, Family, Ducks--in that order. Hunting comes RIGHT behind family because it's such a huge part of their lives. Everyone in my husband's family hunts. Everyone. My mother in law hunted and my sister in law was in her tree-stand at 8 1/2 months pregnant. (She does have a heater in there.)
One of 5 tree stands on the property

On the show, gun ownership and safety are a big deal. In one episode Phil teaches his grand-daughters how to shoot out of their playhouse. In another episode, Willy takes his oldest daughter to the range for target practice. Don't even attempt to get into a debate with my in-laws about gun control and God help you if you do!! When our first child was born, Mark's cousin Lewie sent him...not a blankie, not a pacifier, not a rattle...a rifle. Yep. A rifle.

Willy learning at age 7
Laine showing off Pappy's collection

On the show, Miss Kay decided she wanted some pet goats. My husband grew up with interesting pets..a raccoon, a pig, several baby deer, a groundhog, a crow and many snakes. There is a story about Mark taking his pet raccoon to school for show-n-tell one day. He boarded the school-bus with Coonie secure in a box and the driver told him to keep the box closed. Half way to school Mark pulled Coonie out and lifted him up high over his head shouting "Racoon." Coonie got nervous and pooped all over Mark's head. (Everyone that rode the bus that day seems to remember that story.)


Uncle Si makes a great character on the show and he's my favorite. My husband's favorite family member is cousin Luke. He was described to me before I met him as a "300 pound giant." Mark told me you could drop a quarter into cousin Luke's wedding ring and it would fall right through. Of course I thought he was exaggerating. He wasn't. Here's a photo of my son's hand next to Luke's:

Big Luke and Will
Here's Luke with Mark and Pappy

The Duck Dynasty family is humble with conservative values. Even though they are millionaires now, Phil & Kay choose to live in the same country house they've always occupied. My father in law is this way and very much embodies the principal, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Here are 2 examples of his refusal to "upgrade." ;)

The Duck Dynasty clan is a tight knit family with tremendous loyalty and love. These would be my favorite attributes about my in-laws. They would rather sit down at the kitchen table and talk to you than watch TV or do anything else. They are loyal, loving and genuine to the core. I am so lucky to be a part of this family and I'm excited to see their example celebrated on A&E. Go check out Duck Dynasty...I think you'll be hooked!


  1. I love this blog and greatly admire all of Mark's family. I'll be sure to watch the show on A&E.

  2. Crying. I'm crying. You were not kidding. There is no way you could make that up. You are absolutely the best story teller ever. xoxo

  3. Love this post!!! I always wanted to see what Mark looked like as a little tyke. It confirmed what I guessed! Jake looks just like him when he's laughing. No surprise there. And here is a shocker...Laine's eyes crinkle up just like his when she smiles big!
    My favorite part is the raccoon story. I bet he hardly even flinched when that animal pooped on his head! What a fun childhood.

  4. It's been awhile since I've wandered over here, but since I saw DD mentioned in your title, I just knew I had to come by for a visit. I love me that show and, yes, I've got family members of my own who could give Phil and Si a run for their money!