Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Six Miles of Bad Road!!

My daughter has turned into a complete DIVA and I'm trying to figure out how it happened? I do believe that you are born the way you are; your nature is inherent. Some little girls prefer to dress in blue-jeans and spider man t-shirts and they just came out that way. But this DIVA business with Laine has reached a new high. It all started with the upcoming Father/Daughter Dance at her school on February 7th. We went shopping for a dress and she picked out the fanciest thing she could find:
She also picked out a white "fur" shawl to go with and a sparkly pink clutch, a fancy diamond tiara, a diamond bracelet and diamond clip on earrings. (No real diamonds of course.) She then made me hang the entire outfit on the pantry door so she can stare at it every day:
That wasn't enough though. She wakes up EVERY SINGLE DAY asking "Is TODAY the Father/Daughter Dance? I couldn't handle it anymore so I made her a countdown sheet:
Yesterday she told me that she needs white "lace" tights to go with her dress and "long white gloves". Umm..Hello Audrey Hepburn?

But today was the absolute icing on the DIVA cake. She asked me if daddy remembered to order her a corsage? SERIOUSLY?!  She's FIVE. Where does she get this stuff? This afternoon she told me that daddy needed a hot pink tie to match her dress. I feel like an intervention might be in order.

So I've been thinking on this issue A LOT and I decided to take a good look at myself to see if I have somehow contributed to this DIVA-NESS. There are some signs.....

When Laine was 2 weeks old, I painted her toenails a pretty coral color. I remember sending the photo to my brother who completely ragged on me for such an action. In my defense I had 2 little boys and I was beyond excited about my girl.
When she was 2 months old, we decided to introduce her to all of our friends & neighbors with a "Come meet the Princess" party and I did go a little all out...

When she was 6 months old, I bought her her first pair of leg warmers because they were really back in style. What can I say--she LOVED them!!
When she was 9 months old, I took her to get her first haircut and it was an angled bob. Now in my defense I worked at a salon so it didn't feel that over-the-top to me.
And lastly there was the "Fancy Nancy" birthday party when she turned two. She LOVED Fancy Nancy--they were her favorite books! It's the theme she wanted, but the cake may have been a bit much...
So I guess I'm feeling a little guilty and like I may have created this monster. I'm not sure I can "undo" it now though. Oh boy how I dread the teen years. My father used to use an expression to describe me whenever someone threw a compliment my way. "Six miles of bad road, that one!" I never really understood what it meant but I DO NOW!!!


  1. Yikes, Annie!!! You've created a DIVA!!! But she sure knows how to work it.

  2. You failed to mention the fact she has had her toes and fingers professionally painted, on a regular basis, since she was six months old.

    1. That's NOT true mom. She goes occasionally for special mommy/daughter days...like once a month!