Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Every Daughter. Every Niece.

I have done my best to ignore the television for a week now. The campaign stuff was just too much with everything else going on. And I avoided it like the plague yesterday. I actually went to bed early with no desire to watch live results. We don’t talk about politics in our house because we are a divided household. Our kids know that. They know that daddy voted for Trump and mommy voted for Clinton. I think Mark and I have done a really good job of staying quiet beyond those details. But kids hear stuff. They hear it at school. They hear it from friends. And they probably hear it on TV when we’re not paying attention. Last night my 8 year old daughter said to me, “Mommy if Trump wins then what do we do because he hates girls.” I responded by down-playing it. I told her not to believe everything she hears. (That earned me an F in parenting by the way because I was too tired to have a real conversation.) 

I woke up to the news this morning and decided (for my own sanity) that everything would be okay. We will come together as one nation as we always do because our democracy is based on this peaceful transition of power every 4 years--right? And Trump certainly isn’t the first president to divide a nation so if we’ve persevered before then we will do it again. Ofcourse we will! 

But then I got a call from my brother. He is married to my beautiful sister in law from El Salvador and they have 3 amazing children. He told me that he called home this morning and his 8 year old daughter Audrey got on the phone in tears asking if they need to leave the country now. “Is Trump going to catch us?”  It made me sick to my stomach. It made me angry beyond words. Because she has heard what he has said about immigrants just as my daughter has heard what he has said about women.   

I know it’s our civic duty to come together now and to respect the man in office but this man is gonna have to do some major damage control first. He needs to speak to America and apologize for the fear he has instilled in my niece. He needs to apologize for the disrespect he has shown my daughter. Every daughter. Every niece. 


  1. Absolutely, my Sister. He also has some major damage control to do with victims of sexual violence, Muslim American families, and the African American community. Praying for healing in our divided country.